NanoWorld Services GmbH

The NanoWorld Group opens up the subsequently listed services which are an integral part of the whole production process:

Product and process development upon customer request
Prototype realization
Small / large series production
Quality control steps

NanoWorld offers its MEMS fabrication capabilities and experience to customers who lack in-house expertise, equipment or capacity to let their MEMS ideas evolve towards viable volume production.

Because the success of a MEMS product typically depends on low-cost and high-yield production, it is crucial to ensure

Run-to-run process repeatability
Wafer-to-wafer process repeatability
Across wafer process uniformity

Our extensive experience in the production of silicon based sensors enables us to create a production environment focused directly on these elements. This will be ensured by the access to the full capacity of many facilities for 100mm, 150mm and 200mm (partly) wafer fabrication which has been completed by our own equipment.