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Customized MEMS structures and solutions:

  • High aspect structures

    High aspect structures
    3D-structures with high aspect ratio for microoptics or - fluidics.

  • Flat nano-electrodes

    Flat nano-electrodes
    A variety of metal electrodes with sizes down to 100 nm.

  • Active elements

    Active elements
    Several active elements made of SiN or SiO2.

  • Thermal probe

    Thermal probe
    Packaged probe with integrated thermal sensor.

  • Spray coating structure

    Spray coating structure
    Resist structure at the bottom of a v-groove (depth ~280 µm).

  • Active arrays

    Active arrays
    Cantilever with integrated piezoresistive stress gauge (doped silicon).

  • Grating

    Grating suitable for the calibration of measurement tools (SEM, AFM).

  • Elec. circuit on Si-bridge

    Elec. circuit on Si-bridge
    Deflection sensor on a silicon bridge.

  • Spiked electrodes

    Spiked electrodes
    Small EBD-grown spikes e.g. to measure biosignals.

  • Metal membrane

    Metal membrane
    Small and large metal membranes for nanopore filters.

  • Si-Cantilever

    Cantilevers made of silicon or nitride for any sensor application (e.g. func-tionalization).

  • Magnetostrictive sensor

    Magnetostrictive sensor
    Detection of the bending by using the magnetostrictive effect (NiFe or NiCo).

  • AFM probe

    AFM probe
    Probes made of different materials suitable for Atomic Force Microscopes.

  • Adressable Si-chips

    Adressable Si-chips
    Arrays of individual addressable microstructures.

  • Perforated membrane

    Perforated membrane
    Thin Silicon membranes with holes down to 70nm in diameter.